Passed Presence

Two-Person Show
Healther McNabb (Sound), Phuong Do (Instalation)

Rosenberg Gallery, New York University.
New York, NY

The transparent, fragmented landscapes are exploration of the notion of place, physical, psychological, and imagined.  They are places of nowhere and some where, attempting to dissolve and solidify the waking experiences of every day life.

The photographic images are digital output on transparencies.  Two images are 42.5 in x 55 in each. One image is 59.5 x 88 in.  Each complete image is made up of 8.5 in x 11 in transparent sheets.  The top two corners of each sheet are pined one inch off the wall with T-pins, leaving space behind the image.  With direct spot lighting, the image are projected onto the wall, creating another layer of image.  The space in between the sheets allows each piece to move independently with the slight brushed of air (i.e. body walking pass the work).  The complete image, thus, would carry a sense of weightlessness.


water, 2002
inkjet on transperancies
59.5 x 88 in.


sky, 2002
inkjet on transperancies
42.5x 55 in.


tree, 2002
inkjet on transperancies
42.5 x 55 in.